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ahoi captain: Here's the map you're looking for

don't kiss Wiffen

All you need to know in one place. a handy guide to get you safe and sound from stein am rhein to schaffhausen.


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New test buoy

Karl is going into his well-deserved wintersleep.

But before that he has a task for you Rhine lovers: Take part in the survey about the new test buoys and how you use the Rhine.



Stay close to the shore. Remember, you're not in a rush. Staying close to the shore will almost always keep you out of harm's way. Just don’t act #toostupid.

Please don't tie your boats / flamingos / other floating aids together. It'll make maneuvering almost impossible, increasing the risk of harm. By a lot. 

Keep your distance from anything larger than you. This includes boats and course ships. Brakes are not a thing on the water, so not getting in the way will obviously save your life. 

See those posts in the river? They're called Wiffen. They're there for course ship navigation. They will not budge if you collide with them. Think that doesn't sound too bad? Here's why it's a problem.

You'll need this

Below are the things you should bring with you

By law you'll need a couple of things with you when you're boating on the Rhine. Boating includes SUPs, rubber boats, flamingos and a host of other floating devices. 

  • A life jacket with 100N buoyancy

  • Your name and phone number must be on your floating device

  • You need to be maneuverable (meaning good paddles are a good idea)

The following things are not mandatory but still useful:

  • Suncream

  • A hat 

  • Drinking water

  • A waterproof bag or container

  • Our map

  • Something to eat

You'll be on the water for at least 5 if not 7 hours, if you're planning on doing Stein am Rhein - Schaffhausen. From Stein am Rhein to Diessenhofen it's about 3h (usually around 5). These times are estimates and are dependent on the water level and wind. Please plan accordingly. 

Take care and enjoy your day.



ufm rhy

ufm rhy


Fun on the Rhine is for everyone.

Young, old, and even the #toostupid ones enjoy the refreshing water, especially during summer. Unfortunately, accidents happen again and again. It actually turns out that almost all accidents can be avoided if you don't act "zdoof/toostupid".

But instead of complaining 24/7, we’re drawing attention to the dangers in a casual and oh well, hopefully, funny way.

With this, we want to lead an unagitated dialogue, which should animate everyone to remember a few elementary rules. While you’re at it why not pass your knowledge along.

totally official

Ufm Rhy is backed by the cantonal police of Schaffhausen, the cantonal police of Thurgau, the police of Baden Württemberg, the Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Untersee und Rhein and for the implementation Eclipse Studios

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